Cowboy's and Western Art :

Trail rides, rodeos and real working ranches are some of the locations you will find me

this year. I will be at the LH7 ranch in Bandera in May,Famous for it's LongHorn Cattle

I will be shooting the following event May 23-25

Cowboy Capital Rodeo Assoc. Pro Rodeo –Mansfield Park – 8:00 PM Friday & Saturday; 3:00 PM Sunday –

More about Bandera Texas



Chuckwagon Charlie

His long gray beard and wrinkled face
His beans and beef had their place
His stories never dull or a bore
Amongst the very best his lore

His apron was worn, well stained with time
His biscuits were so good, its should be a crime
With missing teeth he gladly showed his smile
He always went the extra mile

O Charlie cursed a time or two
Only at his chuckwagon stew
He cooked with love from his heart
He new one day he would depart

Chuckwagon Charlie, well he's gone from here
Now the angels are singing and full of cheer
Resting from the hard trial ride
He's Cooking at his Masters side


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Under Starry Skies I lay

Under starry skies I lay, gazing at the milkyway
My head resting on my saddle blanket
I recollect on the days hard ride
While being thankful for clear blue skies

My horse my steed ,bedded for the eve
Full of oats and aqua pure
Boots removed I am here to stay to catch a wink or two
I pray the morning will wake my soul

Morning first light the stars fade fast
The son is rising, I know the stars wont last
I stir the coals that kept me warm
And bring em back to life

I prepare my day and plan the way
But O' Lord you will let it be
The open range ahead but never the same
As far as a man can see

My steed and I are once again ready for the ride
thankful for a good nights rest the angels by my side
Thank you lord for you have blessed me well
More than I can ever tell

Big City People

I don't much care for city folk ways
Their shopping malls and Six lane maze
There designer clothes and gucchi bags
I like my wide open vistas and old gray nag

I don't need any Dominos
No burger shops nor fast food windows
The meals I eat are less than simple
Made for the trail and wont cause you pimples

The money they make I can't use
And I don't really need the daily news
Just my horse he's my friend
As we journey across this land



Old worn leather I have

but brilliant are my medallions

my boots fit like my weathered gloves

hands are toughened by the years

my leather still remains

My face is bruised by the harsh north wind

the stallion I ride is still my friend

the campfire warms my coffee but soon retreats in to it's fiery coals

my leather still remains

The trail before me is long

my cattle know there fate

the sun is on the horizon for the time is near

to mount my horse with all my gear

please O lord draw me close

bring me to this place of yours so I may rest

As I turn to dust

My leather still remains