I am Bill Giffen

I was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a long time ago. My family roots date back to the 1830's when we became cotton farmers. The Hopson plantation became one of the largest farms in the Mississippi delta. At one time, it encompassed about 15,000 acres. We also became the first mechanically picked cotton crop in the nation, as an experimental station for International Harvester.

My family later moved to Texas, and this is where I grew up. Houston's Jersey village High School is where I spent my high school years, though mostly I played sports and goofed off. I tried college at Mississippi State but that didn't work. I worked as an electrician, eventually owning my own business, Giffen Electric Co., L.C.

While in high school, I became interested in Photography as an art form. Helping with the school paper and developing my interest furthered my education. I took several classes in photography after high school, but did not get serious until a few years back. I helped put together a TV show. Though this involved using video cameras, it was still a camera. That experience, my Mom's death, and a son born with heart defects worked together to reignite the spark for this artistic endeavor. My mother had an art degree and was a very good painter. She was an inspiration in life. Though she waited too late in life to pursue her Art, I hope I have not. My son helped me realize that life is not a given, and we need to make the most of our time on this earth.

I really took an interest when Nikon came out with the D1X digital cameras. It was great: no film, no going back and forth to the labs. I have complete control over the whole process. My Epson 7000 and 7600 give me the ability to print 24x36 prints on cotton rag with longevity from 70-200 years.

As I continue this process, I hope others will see the world through my lens, the magnificent colors, the incredible uniquess of each person, the beauty of God's Creation, and the hope and spirit within all of us.